Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Home Life in Ambridge

Home Life: Alan and April graciously helped me pick out a lovely ground-floor apartment. However, after I moved in, I had no idea what to do with the spare room.
"I'll just block it off," I said, "the living room and kitchen are plenty of room for me!"

Then I found out that a grade school child was coming to live with me, at least for the current school term. More help was needed from Trinity seminary here, where they had a barn with furniture that I could borrow.

"But what will he do in a house with no television?"

No problem. He just logs into the internet, tracks down some online games, or watches a movie on the cartoon channel.

He was online before I knew it, and showed me a new way to access the internet. (Parental controls activation was my next task.)

Rolin's Study

"A wall to hang my diplomas! I've never had a chance to hang up my diplomas before," I exclaimed.

These are the fruit of the last 10 years, including Victory Outreach School of Ministry, Vanguard University (BA in Religion and MA in Bible) and ordination to the ancient order of Deacons.

This is part of my "Theological Library," collected over the last 10 years.

They no longer fit in the lovely bookshelf (above) that Ronnie built for me in Mississippi.

However, the apartment comes with a lovely glass-doored case with ample room for the overflow.

Snow Day

God is Good. All the Time.

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