Sunday, November 11, 2012

Back to the Future: Looking toward the Pacific Crest Trail

I'm Back!

Wow. No updates to my personal blog for more than a year. (I did just update the outcome of my cousin's death--see below--but otherwise nothing here since September of 2011). Bad, bad Rolin. For a look at what I have been up to, you can consult my ministry blog ( where I posted 2012 updates during February, May, and July. And surprise!..... I now can be found readily on Facebook (trust me, I'm the only Rolin Bruno out there), where you can spot some personal and ministry notes, along with some of my hiking and camping photos, and even maybe a snapshot or two of friends and family.

.....and I'm hitting the trail!

At the moment, I'm in the throes of preparing for a major cross-country hike: tackling the Pacific Crest Trail, which begins at the Mexican border near the humble town of Campo, California, and ends seven miles into Canada at Manning Provincial Park in British Columbia. So far, I have purchased some nice equipment (e.g. a 17-degree-rated goosedown sleeping bag), I have identified 33 waypoints on the trail where I can resupply my food and fuel (with up to 118 miles between resupply points), and I have been doing test hiking/camping trips into the Angeles forest where I am working out how to carry enough vegetarian food to take me 118 miles. I expect the trek to take at least 8 months, and to finish before the first autumn snows of 2013.

.....while wrapping up ministry details in Pasadena, CA.

.....for which you may consult my West Coast ministry blog, where I hope to post an update later today or early tomorrow. Some of those ministries include: **Classes for the way out from addictions to drugs, alcohol, and other habits that make our lives unmanageable, **Help for individual addicts by acting as a Sponsor to guide them through the 12-step process to recovery, **Meals in the park for those who are homeless or without food to eat, **Management of New Visions, a 10-bed Sober Living Home supportive to those maintaining their recover from addiction by using the 12-step method, and **Assistance to an evolving ministry of the Anglican Church of North America, that is, Saint Michael's in the City, headed up by the young down-home old-time preacher Fr. Charles Myers.

.....and being Blessed by God!

I have been in particularly good health. I found a dentist I could afford (on time payments) to correct my neglected teeth, including four root canals and six crowns. I found a chiropractor who helped me find the right corrective lift to install in my left shoe (1 & 1/4 inch) to balance out my gait, especially when carrying a heavy pack. I have recovered from hip replacement surgery, although I still have some aches and pains. I HIKED THE MOUNT WHITNEY TRAIL, achieving Trail Crest at 13,600 feet where I could look down the other side of the mountain into the Sequoia National Forest. I have trimmed off much of the spare tire around my middle, although another 5-10 pound loss would be nice. And, during this next year, before I finish my Pacific Crest Trail adventure, by the Grace of God I expect to celebrate my 70th birthday.

Thank you, Jesus!

I will try to post at least one more update to this blog (maybe two) before departing on the trail. While on the trail (at the various re-supply waypoints) I may well have a chance to post an update and a photo or two on facebook. Watch for me there!

Belated Family Update: Saying Goodbye

Jeannine Elliott, my cousin and the last of the Elliott Family, passed on last year. She has been interred with her mother Naomi and her father William (Bill) at Belmont Memorial Park in Fresno, California. This was accomplished with the contributions of Bruno family members and the kind cooperation of her ex-husband, Michael East. We held a graveside memorial service during September 2011 at which Bruno family members and Jeannine's friends from the Fresno area attended and shared their recollections of her life.

May she rest in peace.