Thursday, May 15, 2008

Car Chronicles #3

Springtime, and the trees are in bloom!

Time for a breath of fresh air and a new car.
The '91 Dodge Dynasaur needed brakes and a transmission cleansing, not to mention the inspection stickers on the window required by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Oh, and since it wouldn't shift out of low gear, I was getting 12 miles per gallon at $3.69 each gallon.
So the Lord provided this for me: A '93 Honda Accord LX with only 170,000 miles on it--right in the prime of life for a Honda!
And with the inspection stickers in the window, I'm no longer a Pennsylvania scofflaw. Doncha think I'll get better than 12 MPG?

Thank you, Jesus.

Tomorrow I fly to California to drop in on the Anglican Men's Weekend, and touch base with all my friends and supporters from Southern California. From there I'll drive to the wedding reception for my daughter, Amber. There I hope to see my two sons, Raymond and Walter, for the first time in some ten years. Please Pray for me.

Still hangin' in there with the Lord,
The Deacon.