Friday, February 22, 2008

Car Chronicles #2

The Saga of the Dodge Dynasour

When the Ol' Faithful Mazda gave up the ghost (see Car Chronicles #1), I figured I'd just walk for a while. After all, I need the exercise.

Then I found out that I would be caring for a grade-school child. I needed a car, not the least to take him to school and pick him up. The purchase was rather hurried. I came up with the above dinosaur, a '91 Dynasty. Seemed to run ok. The dealer put a new radiator and water pump in it. And (the prime factor) it fit with the amount of money I had on hand.

But it needed a state inspection. That was attempted yesterday, and the outcome was not good. The car needs rear brakes rather badly, and along with an engine tune-up and the safety/smog inspection the fix-up costs would outpace the original purchase cost of the car.

Being a man of little faith, I was depressed.
Moan. Worry. Moan. What to do? What to do?

God, however, is faithful. Before long, help was showing up from unexpected quarters. I still don't know how the funds will appear to pay for a worthwhile vehicle (or whether, like the last two times, God will simply give me a car free and clear), but nevertheless, next month I will begin the search in earnest for a dependable vehicle.

God is Good.
All the Time.
When will I ever learn?

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